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Ideas for a small kitchen #1

Underestimate the power of design is not worth it, after all, we are talking about quality of life, about how to make it more pleasant and comfortable, so that money alone will not be able to do here.

Ideas for a small kitchen

Especially good and useful design, where the right decision is a well-built compromise between desires and opportunities. Practice shows that it is possible to find almost always, much to our traditional apartments problem of small kitchens - and at present expanse for everyone who likes to squeeze the maximum out of minimum.

In this pages, I have collected 11 ideas for small kitchen design that will make your stay in the kitchen more comfortable and convenient, regardless of its area.

Working surface trolley

Ideas for a small kitchen

Small kitchen - is, by definition, the deficit of the working surface that is even more acute when the part would take precious space kitchen appliances and other accessories.

Non-standard, but an effective way out of this situation may be a high table on wheels that can be used as an extra work surface and for serving (especially if a small kitchen area does not allow you to place a large table).

If you intend to use it not only for the storage and handling, but also to work - do not forget to provide the opportunity to fix the wheels.

Wall holder for frying

Ideas for a small kitchen

The fact that the knife holder in the small kitchen has to be fixed to the wall and not to stand on the table - obviously hope for everyone, but the limited space makes use of the wall-mounted storage to the maximum.

One such opportunity - setting wall holder pans that help save space in your cabinets to store other accessories. And if your pans are shiny and beautiful, you get not only ergonomically, but also stylish