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Ideas for a small kitchen #3

Installation the stove in the corner

Ideas for a small kitchen

Another way to use the corner - house the stove. Usually plate divides the space of kitchen surfaces, and if it is not enough and so, move the plate in the corner allows you to simultaneously kill several birds with one stone, and cook on a stove is quite convenient. Another, no less effective way of using corner space there will be accommodation for washing dishes, and place behind the stove or sink can be taken away under the shelf for the storage of the items that should be at arm's length.

Shelves instead of drawers

Ideas for a small kitchen

Earlier we talked about that a little kitchen area is a deficit of working space and storage space for dishes and kitchen utensils, but the problem is not only that. Filling furniture and without a small room, we create a closeness that leaves oppressive, oppressive feeling.

Of course, very few people want to spend in the kitchen a lot of time! The solution may be replacing at least part of the wall cabinets shelves that visually increase the space and make it more airy. If you are afraid of a dust or do not want to use the shelves for some other reasons, replace the cabinet doors deaf transparent glass, which also allows to visually enlarge the space of the kitchen.